Hello Blog readers,

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I am new at this so please excuse me if there are typos or dull moments.

I am a dog lover and don’t believe any dog is born bad. I believe the environment and how a dog is raised are what make a dog bad. Dogs are amazing in what they can handle in life. So why do dogs sometimes end up vicious biters?

I have some friends who have had the worst luck with dogs, and they don’t know why. They always seem to get little terrier mix dogs. I have seen them go through two dogs in six months, both with the same problem, they start biting. They recently got a six week old chiweenie/jack russell terrier and I decided to conduct an experiment. I adopted a puppy from the same litter. I use to believe that little dogs were always going to be nippers, because that’s what I have seen them do. I also had the belief that boxers were dumb, but that was proven wrong when I adopted a boxer from a friend. So I decided to give the pup the benefit of the doubt. My friends have an eleven year old daughter and a couple twenty something’s living in the house. It’s not a bad environment, a dog would get plenty of attention. The last two dogs I have seen to through this house ended up nippers and I have a theory as to why. The dogs were handled by a girl who was never taught how to handle a pup properly, and for that reason the dogs suffered.

The difference in how a puppy is raised can be the difference in having an amazing well behaved dog and a biter. So the puppies are being raised in two different environments. Mine is being raised in a house with a five month old baby, a year old boxer, three year old cat, and two ferrets. My husband and I have always had dogs and have been taught how to respect their space. Our friends have four adults in the house and one eleven year old. I will be posting a daily blog about Bambi, our friend’s puppy and Bridget, our puppy, telling everyone about my observations and experiences.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will stick with me through this journey.